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APACHE workshop in the SESAR Innovation Days

Novel metrics to analyse ATM performance: Evolving from current paradigm towards performance based operations

Nov 10, 2016 from 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM
TU Delft (The Netherlands)
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Agenda of the workshop

Part 1 (1h15')

  • A review of current KPAs/KPIs used by the Performance Review Body (PRB) and other relevant institutions (ICAO, CANSO, EUROCONTROL, SESAR) (15min)
  • Comparison of different approaches and highlighting the main issues  (15 min)
  • Round table and open discussion (45 min).


Part 2 (1h15')

  • A short description of APACHE Project (10 min).
  • Proposal of new and/or enhanced existing KPAs/KPIs to better describe current and future ATM (20 min).
  • Round table and open discussion (45 min).


Dr. Fedja Netjasov and Dr. Bojana Mirkovic

University of Belgrade. Faculty of Traffic and Transport Engineering

Round table panellists (To be confirmed)





Dr. Tamara Pejovic

Senior performance expert at the Performance Review Unit (PRU).

Austrian Airlines

Dr. Dieter Raisinger

Arline pilot, aviation expert and lecturer.


Mr. William C. Johnson

Senior Aerospace Engineer and Project Manager for ATM


Mr. Mihail Genchev

ATC/ATM operations expert.


Ms. Marina Sanz

Quality and environmental impact division


Mr. Brian Flynn

Head of Performance, Forecasting and Relations in Eurocontrol's Network Manager Directorate


Dr. Andrea Ranieri

ATM expert


Dr. Xavier Prats

APACHE project Coordinator


Dr. Sergio Ruiz

UPC researcher and contributor to APACHE project


Ms. Georgina Ansaldo

ALG consultant and contributor to APACHE


Ms. Laia Carrigó

ALG consultant


Dr. Daniel Delahaye

ENAC researcher and contributor to APACHE


Dr. Andrija Vidosavljevic

ENAC researcher and contributor to APACHE

The objective of this workshop is to present to the aviation community and discuss a set of novel and updated Key Performance Areas/Indicators proposed to be used for performance targeting, measuring, base-lining and benchmarking in future SESAR technical and operational ATM concept (2020+). Such metrics will be used in the context of APACHE project in which a new Performance Framework will be developed based on novel metrics, advanced simulation and optimization tools and new assessment methodologies.

The updated set of Key Performance Areas/Indicators is based on specific objectives of the APACHE project:

  • to analyse the current Performance Scheme and identify areas of improvement and limitations that may impede to effectively capture the ATM performance under either the current or future SESAR concept of operations; and
  • to find and propose new metrics and methodologies capable of measuring the performance of the ATM for planning and monitoring with a higher degree of precision and reliability than nowadays.

New APACHE Performance Scheme will be used then to measure the impact on ATM KPAs under different assumptions and hypotheses in line with the SESAR CONOPS 2020+; and to analyse the interdependencies between the different KPAs at the Pareto-frontier of the ATM performance, by finding the theoretical optimal limits for each KPA and assessing how the promotion of one KPA may actually change (and in which proportion and direction) the performance of the other KPAs.

Target participants: SESAR community, R&D Centres, Air navigation service providers, Performance experts...

Registration is required due to limitations in the capacity of the room. Please, if you are interested to attend the workshop, send an email to Dr. Xavier Prats (APACHE coordinator) at  xavier.prats [at]