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Publications authored by the APACHE consortium, or by one of its members in the context of this project.

 Project Public Deliverables

D2.1 6th Feb 2017 01.00.00
D3.1 25th Oct 2017 01.01.00

Functional requirements and specifications for the ATM performance assessment framework 

Expected in Sep 2017

Report on the availability of the APACHE framework 

Expected in Jan 2018

Results from simulation and analysis of results 

Expected in May 2018
D6.1 16th June 2017 01.00.00

Final Project Results Report 

Expected in Jul 2018

Other communication and dissemination publications


X. Prats, C. Barrado, A. Vidosavljevic, D. Delahaye, F. Netjasov and D. Crnogorac. 2017 (Nov). Assessing ATM Performance with Simulation and Optimisation Tools: The APACHE Project. In proceedings of the 7th SESAR Innovation Days. Belgrade (Serbia). 

Presentation given at the conference available here

B. Mirkovic, G. Pavlovic, F. Netjasov, O. Babic, C. Barrado, X. Prats, V. Coca, A. Bujor and A. Vidosavljevic. 2017 (Nov). Measuring Performance of the European Air Traffic Management System Review of current performance indicators and proposal for new ones. Poster in the 7th SESAR Innovation Days. Belgrade (Serbia). 

R. Marcos, P. Sánchez, X. Prats. 2017 (Nov). New approaches to ATM performance analysis: overview of the APACHE, AURORA and INTUIT projects.  Poster in the 7th SESAR Innovation Days. Belgrade (Serbia). 

F. Netjasov and D. Crnogorac. 2017 (Sep). Assessment of safety performance indicators of future air traffic management system. In proceedings of the XLIV Symposium on operational research (SYM-OP-IS). Zlatibor (Serbia). 

 X. Prats, S. Ruiz, V. Coca, G. Ansaldo, F. Netjasov and A. Vidosavljevic. 2016 (Nov). The APACHE project: Assessing ATM performance with simulation and optimisation tools. Poster in the 6th SESAR Innovation Days. Delft (The Netherlands).